Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week in Review (September 12-18)

On Sunday (as previously mentioned), Christian and I started going to Sunday School so that we can finalize the process of becoming members of a new church.

On Tuesday we went to a Farmers Market in Crystal City.  We bought apples, apple cider and homemade bread.  We met up with Uncle Pete and then Uncle Pete invited us up to tour his office.  Bobby was pleasantly surprised to see his Uncle in the middle of the day, but I think he was wondering where Auntie Beth was...

It looks like Uncle Pete is a bit puzzled, too.
 After getting lost in Crystal City (thanks to a certain gentleman whose name is the same as a religion...ahem), we sat in horrible Old Town Alexandria traffic and after an hour we finally made it to Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob's for an AMAZING feast of Pork Tenderloin, Peanut Pasta, Squash Puffs, Wilted Spinach and to top it all off, incredible Nectarine Bread Pudding.  Not only did I finish my bowl in record time, but I didn't hesitate to look at my husband's half eaten dish and say "are you done with that?", which never happens.  Carol is the only cook whose meals I enjoy more than my own.  This visit was probably the last one we'll have with Carol for awhile.  She's going to become a Grandma for the third time on the 22.  Her youngest girl is having a girl.  It's been kinda cool giving her (unsolicited) advice.  Plus, I can't wait for the inevitable play dates these two cuties will have.  That little girl won't be able to help herself when she falls for my little prince, right?

Bobby's new nickname: "Chuck".

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