Monday, September 6, 2010


Not a lot to write about re this blog.  This is more of a photo entry of some of Bobby's "firsts", mainly during the month of August.

My first time watching One Life to Live with Mommy.
My first nap in my Little Lamb swing.  Mommy calls this swing the "greatest invention of the millenium".
My first time on my new tummy time mat!
My first time holding my teddy.
First trip to the pool, just Mommy and me.
The first time the car seat "bit" me.  :(

Taking my very first prescription medicine, for baby reflux.
Falling asleep "on the job" at Home Depot.
My first (and last) time walking on the Dining Room table.
My first "plumber butt".
First time getting "carded".
My first experience with cloth diapers.  Not a fan.  Neither was Mom.
Wearing the sweater and bonnet my Nana knitted for me.
Daddy wished Nana had knitted him a matching one.  I was nice enough to let him borrow mine.
First time playing with the covers at bedtime. 
Mommy can't wait to see what I do next!!

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