Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bobby's Mom is a Slacker....

I swore up and down that I wouldn't go this long in between blog posts again.

But I did.

Kinda hard to blog when you have this cute face staring back at you....

At the risk of sounding cliche, SO much has happened!

Let me see if I can "rewind" the past couple of weeks and hit the highlights.

Bobby's opening cabinets.  I caught him just before an entire box of straws (almost) ended up on the floor.

I think it's time to start "baby-proofing", Dad.

Bobby had his 6 month well baby checkup.  He was 20 lbs., 2 ounces.  He was 28.5 inches (97th percentile)!  The doc says he's perfect, and hearing that never gets old.  He's still nursing exclusively, which I'm really proud of.  He got 5 shots, and Mommy even got a shot.  The receptionist said that normally the kids get a real kick out of seeing their parents get shot up at the docs.  I informed her that Bobby was not at all amused that he and Mommy had matching Snoopy band-aids.

Bobby went out of state for the first time!  We made a spontaneous trip to West Virginia to visit my best friend, Jen and my Hubby's best friend, Brian.  They're married to each other, so it's quite convenient for us.  One stop shopping, if you will.  It was a super short trip (not even 24 hours), but long enough to have some playtime with Uncle Brian.

The Donahue family joined our new church, St. John's Lutheran on November 14.  We were very warmly welcomed and I'm really excited to dive into fellowship and getting to know our new church family.  I've already joined one committee, and we've just signed up to be church greeters.  Also, our little family bundled up and put on our gardening gloves and toted our rake to the house of one of the senior members of our church and raked leaves as part of "Servant Saturday".  After we left a most appreciative lady, I told C.W. that we had to make it a point to volunteer our time to help others as Bobby (and future children) grow up so that they know the meaning of helping their fellow man.

Bobby has a new girlfriend....

I wonder what "Mr. Dash" thinks about their new relationship....

Bobby got to meet his "Aunt Jacqualynne" this past weekend.  They fell in love.  It was super sweet.

I'm supposed to have started my baking for the catering gig I do every December.  Normally I have 2 or 3 out of the 6 goodies baked by now.  I keep having the same little distraction....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day! Go Elephants!

Yesterday was Election Day.

Grammy had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  Bobby was so happy to see her when she got home, even if he doesn't really look it in this pic.  He was distracted by the dog. 

See his outfit?  It says "My Grandma Loves Me", and oh, does she ever!

Bobby went to the polls for the first time (ex-utero) with Mommy, Daddy and Grammy. 

Too bad you can't see it in this pic, but Bobby was wearing his elephant outfit.  Elephants on the pants, shirt and all over the jacket.  I'm pretty sure people knew how we were voting.....

Daddy got the privilege of voting with Bobby.  He explained to him who he was voting for and why.  I was told afterwards that Daddy also had to explain to Bobby NOT to touch the screen while Daddy was casting his vote.  It's okay though.  Bobby would've voted Republican anyway. ;)  Which reminds me, remember Bobby's name in 2045.  I've got big aspirations for my boy....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky Sunday!

Yesterday was Halloween.  Bobby's first Halloween.  Mommy got a little bit emotional as his Daddy and I decked him out in his first costume.  He'll probably groan at me 20 or so years from now as I show his betrothed pictures from this special first holiday and explain that he was dressed this way because he is "Mommy's Little Lamb". 

I had so many outfits bought around the Halloween theme.  It was difficult to fit them all in.  But I did.

  We went to the pumpkin patch the Thursday before Halloween to pick out our pumpkins.  It still blows my mind how much we consumers spend on something we're going to take a knife (or battery powered pumpkin saw) to, light a candle in, and chuck the next trash day. 


Post-hacking....aren't they cool?  I stenciled Bobby's name on his, and mine is the one with the heart shaped eyes.  Daddy, ever the horror buff, had to do the Michael Myers mask from the "Halloween" movies.
For the record, Bobby did actually go trick-or-treating.  Only at one house though.  Our neighbors graciously let our little guy rifle through their candy bowl, Bobby picked out some SweetTarts, and went on his way.  Daddy took him, and Bobby was still giggling when he came back to our house.  Apparently all this excitement makes for a tired little lamb...