Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky Sunday!

Yesterday was Halloween.  Bobby's first Halloween.  Mommy got a little bit emotional as his Daddy and I decked him out in his first costume.  He'll probably groan at me 20 or so years from now as I show his betrothed pictures from this special first holiday and explain that he was dressed this way because he is "Mommy's Little Lamb". 

I had so many outfits bought around the Halloween theme.  It was difficult to fit them all in.  But I did.

  We went to the pumpkin patch the Thursday before Halloween to pick out our pumpkins.  It still blows my mind how much we consumers spend on something we're going to take a knife (or battery powered pumpkin saw) to, light a candle in, and chuck the next trash day. 


Post-hacking....aren't they cool?  I stenciled Bobby's name on his, and mine is the one with the heart shaped eyes.  Daddy, ever the horror buff, had to do the Michael Myers mask from the "Halloween" movies.
For the record, Bobby did actually go trick-or-treating.  Only at one house though.  Our neighbors graciously let our little guy rifle through their candy bowl, Bobby picked out some SweetTarts, and went on his way.  Daddy took him, and Bobby was still giggling when he came back to our house.  Apparently all this excitement makes for a tired little lamb...

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