Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Backtrack to April....

So, obviously I haven't been blogging lately.  The reason why will be explained in my blog post which will be  entitled "The Worst Day of My Life". 

Anyhow, for the moment I'd like to visit a happier time in the Donahue family's life.


Easter came.  Just in time for the holiday festivities, our A/C decided that we needed to experience the 90 degree (and higher) temperatures without central air.  Nevertheless, I cooked Easter dinner, and the Easter bunny still came.....
This was Bobby's last 1st holiday.  It made me a bit emotional. 

We went to church, and when we got back, Grammy was kind enough to take a few pics of us....

And, as a nice surprise, Grammy even got in a picture!

Two days after Easter Bobby celebrated his first birthday!

How did we celebrate?

Like any loving parents, we took Bobby to the doctor's office to get his one year shots.  Aren't we AWESOME???

Of course, he was a perfect angel, and we tried to let him ride the carousel outside of the doc's office, but they were both broken. 

Of course, we opened presents later, and Bobby discovered what Mommy and Daddy already knew.  Grammy spoiled him with his very own "Clip-Clop".  He was unsure at first, but I can tell you now with certainty, he LOVES it. 

After his Birthday, we were planning (and packing) for Bobby's first birthday party and for our long anticipated vacation to Myrtle Beach.

Bobby's birthday party couldn't have gone better....really.  We had the most beautiful weather, and Bobby was so blessed to have so many people show up to celebrate his life.   We held his party at Robert Marshall Recreation Area, which was named for Bobby's great Gramps (and namesake).  We had intended to serve hot dogs, pasta and potato salad and cake, but the grill decided to go kaput and C.W. ran to KFC to avoid disaster.

No surprise here, but Bobby made out like a bandit.

His favorite present by far???
Tissue paper.  Seriously.

His birthday cake was AMAZING......

We snapped a few pics post party.  Here are my two favorites.

One of Bobby with his Grammy.....

And one of Bob with his parents:

Next up:  May.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I once was lost...

But now I've found my blog again.  It's been SO long since I blogged, I almost forgot my password.  Seriously.

I should've said that I gave up blogging for lent.  Then I wouldn't look like such a slacker.

Subconciously I think I thought if I didn't blog, Bobby wouldn't age.  I was wrong.

He's really "cruising" now.  He walks all the way around the coffee table in the basement.  He stands alone for a few seconds, and we've even had a couple of mildly assisted steps.

We've celebrated  Easter and now are focused on Bobby's birthday.  We had picture day last Tuesday.  I probably drive the photographers nutso.  I show up to the studio with at least 3 different outfits every time, and I demand at least 5 different poses.  Yeah, I'm that Mom.

Bobby's got 6 teeth fully through the surface and we just noticed #7 and #8 erupting.  Is it just my kid that gets teeth two at a time?

We've been enjoying some pretty nice weather the past week or so.  We've been to the driving range 3 times in one week.  Christian's going to do quite well when we go golfing at the beach.  I'm starting to re-think my plans of golfing.  My showing was pretty pathetic.

Bobby experienced the playground for the first time.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a 80 degree day, quite uncharacteristic of early April.  He was indifferent to the swing and the slide, clearly displayed in the following pictures:

Bobby did like playing "peek-a-boo" over the climbing wall:

And, he got lovin' from his two biggest admirers:

Bobby's been on 3 playdates this month!  Unfortunately I only have pictures of one of the playdates.  Bobby had playdates with Samantha, Caden and Megan.  He was a good boy at all of them, especially his date with little Caden.  Here's a picture of him with Samantha:

And, just because I can, here are some pics of us kissing on our 50 week old:

We're going on vacation next week!  Who's excited?  This family:

Long Time No Blog...Part 1

Obviously since it's been more than a month since my last blog (slaps hand), it's about time I fill everyone in on what's been going on with Mr. Bobby (and us).

So, the main thing that happened in February and March is Bobby single-handedly decided to pay his doc's salary. 
"Charge it!"

He's been to the doctor's office 5 times since late February.  The first diagnosis was an ear infection.  Then Bob was diagnosed with Fifth disease.  Following that was the diaper yeast infection due to the antibiotics he was put on with the ear infection.  Then he broke out in another head to toe rash and was given some ointment for that, and finally he was brought back for his diaper rash again and tested for strep, which it wasn't.  Would you believe that the diaper rash that sprung up on March 1 was STILL around on April 2?  Needless to say, this totally thwarted my cloth diapering efforts.  Even more irritating, I actually had to go out and buy disposable diapers. 

Fifth disease is also known as "slapped cheek" syndrome....see why?

Bobby's become a champ at "cruising" around the furniture at the house.  He's also reached record speeds when crawling.  I can hardly keep track of him anymore!

I'm pleased to announce that Bobby's babble of choice is no longer "da-da-da".  He's moved onto "ma-ma".  Sometimes he even says "mom".  He gets whatever he wants when he does that. 

He's still not sleeping in his crib.  That's all I really have to say on the matter.  I'm not devastated, neither is Daddy.  Grammy is.  Would I like Bobby to sleep in his crib?  Absolutely.  Am I willing to give up my sleep or listen to my child cry for hours on end to accomplish this goal?  Not yet.

We've also started trying out solid foods.  So far we've tried: carrots, peas, asparagus, sweet potatoes and squash.  We also tried a little bit of roll at the Mount Vernon Inn a few weeks ago.  All attempts have been the same....terrible.  I'm not giving up. 

Our long anticipated family vacation was postponed until May.  We're very excited for Bobby to visit the beach for the first time, and we're so appreciative to our dearest family friends, Bobby's Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob for loaning us their condo so we can escape for a bit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Flashback.

There's hasn't been much going on around here lately.  We all spent February sick as dogs.  Daddy was the least affected by the various ailments that made their way into our home, which is hilarious considering I'm fairly certain he's the one who brought them home. 

Apparently this is what Daddy and Bobby do to occupy themselves while Mommy is being seen by the doc.
Bobby developed something called "Fifth disease".  For those who aren't familiar, basically your baby gets sick (cold like symptoms), gets better, then breaks out in a head to toe rash.
"Fifth disease sucks."
"I'm so over it".
We finally emerged from our hibernation the last weekend of February to go to church.  Here's a pic of Bobby post-church.
Playing in his playpen.

Bobby's crawling like a champ now.  We've taken to calling him "Speedy".  One second he's in the family room playing with his toys, the next second he's made it all the way across the way and is charting into "no-no" territory...the laundry room.


He learned how to climb stairs a week or so ago.  Due to this development we've installed not one, but 2 baby gates.

Sorry Carol, but this is the only pic I have of him scaling stairs.  You'll forgive me....someday.
I've started planning Bobby's birthday party. I'm getting super excited.  It will be a baseball themed party...at Robert Marshall Recreation Area, the park named after Bobby's Great Gramps who Bobby was named in honor of.  It will be a happy day.  I know I will cry.

The cloth diapering is going well.  I actually rather enjoy it.  I love hanging his diapers outside to dry.

The Girl Scouts emerged from their winter hibernation.  We went overboard.

At the rate we're going, Grammy will turn into a Thin Mint, I will turn into a Chalet Creme and Daddy will have to take care of Bobby.

Daddy was transferred to a new storefront in Greenbelt, Maryland.  We're all upset about it, but we're hoping it's only temporary.  His co-workers gave him a nice send-off.

Bobby loves to dance to the alphabet song.

He still loves to sleep with his Daddy.  Daddy says he's Bobby's personal pillow.  I'm starting to believe it, because every time Daddy puts Bobby on his chest, Bobby snuggles in and is usually asleep within 5 minutes.

He hasn't learned any new words.  All he really says these days is "da-da-da-da".  All. Day. Long.  Oh, he knows "ma-ma-ma".  He just won't say it.  I'm chopped liver.

Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Sick....

So, last Wednesday Bobby developed a runny nose and a little cough. I decided it was just some minor teething...
I kept saying things to Christian last week like "I don't recognize this baby....he's so cranky".  Of course every time I mentioned this, he would be his usual happy self.

Finally Bobby showed Daddy his fussy self and we high-tailed it to the Doc's office.

Bobby was diagnosed with his first ear infection. :(

He seemed to be doing a little better Saturday...

But things took a turn for the worse on Sunday when Bobby got his first fever.  To make matters worse, Mommy is sick too.  So sick that I went to see my primary care physician for the first time since 2005, so you know it's gotta be bad.  Good news is that Bobby is a little less cranky, but he's still spiking a fever.  Off to the doc's tomorrow.....

Happy V-Day!

Quick post about Valentine's Day....
We went out for our Valentine's dinner the Thursday before Valentine's Day.  It was hardly romantic, even though we went to George Washington's estate for dinner.  There was a candlelit dining room and we had a quiet table next to a roaring fire.  There was one other thing we had at dinner.....

Grammy has been sick, which, in case you were wondering makes for a VERY cranky Bobby.  During this time, Bobby has learned how to do "limp baby" and throw temper tantrums. 
Christian was working a close shift Valentine's night, so I decided that I would do it up big at home and make a fondue dinner.  I made meat fondue, cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue. Oh my word, was it delish! 

I got some goodies from my boys.

I'm told Bobby gave me a yellow rose because I sing him "You Are My Sunshine".

Daddy recreated my wedding bouquet.  So romantic!

I also got chocolates. Christian, my mouth thanks you but my waistline does not.