Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I once was lost...

But now I've found my blog again.  It's been SO long since I blogged, I almost forgot my password.  Seriously.

I should've said that I gave up blogging for lent.  Then I wouldn't look like such a slacker.

Subconciously I think I thought if I didn't blog, Bobby wouldn't age.  I was wrong.

He's really "cruising" now.  He walks all the way around the coffee table in the basement.  He stands alone for a few seconds, and we've even had a couple of mildly assisted steps.

We've celebrated  Easter and now are focused on Bobby's birthday.  We had picture day last Tuesday.  I probably drive the photographers nutso.  I show up to the studio with at least 3 different outfits every time, and I demand at least 5 different poses.  Yeah, I'm that Mom.

Bobby's got 6 teeth fully through the surface and we just noticed #7 and #8 erupting.  Is it just my kid that gets teeth two at a time?

We've been enjoying some pretty nice weather the past week or so.  We've been to the driving range 3 times in one week.  Christian's going to do quite well when we go golfing at the beach.  I'm starting to re-think my plans of golfing.  My showing was pretty pathetic.

Bobby experienced the playground for the first time.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a 80 degree day, quite uncharacteristic of early April.  He was indifferent to the swing and the slide, clearly displayed in the following pictures:

Bobby did like playing "peek-a-boo" over the climbing wall:

And, he got lovin' from his two biggest admirers:

Bobby's been on 3 playdates this month!  Unfortunately I only have pictures of one of the playdates.  Bobby had playdates with Samantha, Caden and Megan.  He was a good boy at all of them, especially his date with little Caden.  Here's a picture of him with Samantha:

And, just because I can, here are some pics of us kissing on our 50 week old:

We're going on vacation next week!  Who's excited?  This family:

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