Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Flashback.

There's hasn't been much going on around here lately.  We all spent February sick as dogs.  Daddy was the least affected by the various ailments that made their way into our home, which is hilarious considering I'm fairly certain he's the one who brought them home. 

Apparently this is what Daddy and Bobby do to occupy themselves while Mommy is being seen by the doc.
Bobby developed something called "Fifth disease".  For those who aren't familiar, basically your baby gets sick (cold like symptoms), gets better, then breaks out in a head to toe rash.
"Fifth disease sucks."
"I'm so over it".
We finally emerged from our hibernation the last weekend of February to go to church.  Here's a pic of Bobby post-church.
Playing in his playpen.

Bobby's crawling like a champ now.  We've taken to calling him "Speedy".  One second he's in the family room playing with his toys, the next second he's made it all the way across the way and is charting into "no-no" territory...the laundry room.


He learned how to climb stairs a week or so ago.  Due to this development we've installed not one, but 2 baby gates.

Sorry Carol, but this is the only pic I have of him scaling stairs.  You'll forgive me....someday.
I've started planning Bobby's birthday party. I'm getting super excited.  It will be a baseball themed Robert Marshall Recreation Area, the park named after Bobby's Great Gramps who Bobby was named in honor of.  It will be a happy day.  I know I will cry.

The cloth diapering is going well.  I actually rather enjoy it.  I love hanging his diapers outside to dry.

The Girl Scouts emerged from their winter hibernation.  We went overboard.

At the rate we're going, Grammy will turn into a Thin Mint, I will turn into a Chalet Creme and Daddy will have to take care of Bobby.

Daddy was transferred to a new storefront in Greenbelt, Maryland.  We're all upset about it, but we're hoping it's only temporary.  His co-workers gave him a nice send-off.

Bobby loves to dance to the alphabet song.

He still loves to sleep with his Daddy.  Daddy says he's Bobby's personal pillow.  I'm starting to believe it, because every time Daddy puts Bobby on his chest, Bobby snuggles in and is usually asleep within 5 minutes.

He hasn't learned any new words.  All he really says these days is "da-da-da-da".  All. Day. Long.  Oh, he knows "ma-ma-ma".  He just won't say it.  I'm chopped liver.