Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Myrtle Beach

Bobby was an absolute angel for our car ride down to the beach.  He slept most of the way. 

At sunrise we had the most amazing breakfast at Cracker Barrel and continued on our way.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach around noon (a lot later than planned, due to the emergency trip to the hospital) and unpacked, made a grocery list and ran a few errands.

That evening, Bobby walked on the beach for the first time....

He even put his toesies in the Atlantic, though it was pretty chilly.

We spent Monday shopping and we had lunch with an old friend.

Of course, Bobby loves the pool, so we got our fill of that during the week.

And, on the not-so-great weather days, we spent our time (& money) at the Tanger outlet malls.

He was NOT diggin' Snoopy.

"Bob, meet Bob..."

Daddy just had to put Bobby in the "Batcave"

CW and I took Bobby to Treasure Island mini golf, which is our tradition.  We usually only play one round, but we are quite competitive.  Every trip, CW insists I get this picture of him, inside the skull cave. 

Aunt Carol & Uncle Bob arrived on Wednesday, and we just love spending time with them.  They are always fun to be with, and we honestly wouldn't have as much fun without them there. 

When Carol and Bob come to the condo, there is always some condo repair required.  Here is Uncle Bob getting some unsolicited "help" from Bobby....

We went to the best miniature golf place on the strand, as is tradition....

Bobby was such a good boy while we putted around the course!

I even got a hole-in-one!  I made C.W. document this momentous occasion.

Did you know that lizards liked to play miniature golf?  Us either.

We were all set for our much anticipated outing to the Cane Patch par 3, when we were stopped at the entrance; apparently kiddos under the age of 4 or 5 are not permitted on the course because the course is chock full of beginning golfers who don't know how to drive their ball accurately.  So, in a compromise, Aunt Carol graciously stayed at the condo with Bobby so we could golf with Bob.

And, there it is.  Another AMAZING Myrtle Beach trip in the Donahue family album. 

Scary start to "vacation"....

So, as we were getting ready for our big family vacation to Myrtle Beach, we hit a little snag.

We're getting ready to leave, and, per Mom's wishes, she wanted to be awakened so that she could say goodbye to us and spend a little snuggle time with her Bobby.  C.W., Bobby and I are in our bedroom getting shoes on, etc., and we hear the loudest BOOM from inside the house, seemingly just outside our bedroom door.  C.W. leaps up and yells "Oh my God, Mom!!!", and rushes out our bedroom door where he discovers my Mom in the hallway between our room and Bobby's nursery.  I rush out with Bobby and discover this, right above where Mom is sitting:

She insists that she is fine, just a little sore, and SO proud of herself for throwing her arms up when she fell as not to sprain them.  A little while later she turns to me and announces that she thinks she may have done something to her elbow.  I take a look and notice that her elbow is black and blue and very swollen.  I call C.W. over and tell him to take a peek.  He looks right at Mom and tells her to get her shoes on, they're going to the ER.  She refuses and C.W. insists again that they are going, and she backs down. 

About an hour later, they return from the hospital, Mom sporting a stylish sling.  She insists that her pride is hurt more than anything else, and we reluctantly embark for South Carolina....