Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scary start to "vacation"....

So, as we were getting ready for our big family vacation to Myrtle Beach, we hit a little snag.

We're getting ready to leave, and, per Mom's wishes, she wanted to be awakened so that she could say goodbye to us and spend a little snuggle time with her Bobby.  C.W., Bobby and I are in our bedroom getting shoes on, etc., and we hear the loudest BOOM from inside the house, seemingly just outside our bedroom door.  C.W. leaps up and yells "Oh my God, Mom!!!", and rushes out our bedroom door where he discovers my Mom in the hallway between our room and Bobby's nursery.  I rush out with Bobby and discover this, right above where Mom is sitting:

She insists that she is fine, just a little sore, and SO proud of herself for throwing her arms up when she fell as not to sprain them.  A little while later she turns to me and announces that she thinks she may have done something to her elbow.  I take a look and notice that her elbow is black and blue and very swollen.  I call C.W. over and tell him to take a peek.  He looks right at Mom and tells her to get her shoes on, they're going to the ER.  She refuses and C.W. insists again that they are going, and she backs down. 

About an hour later, they return from the hospital, Mom sporting a stylish sling.  She insists that her pride is hurt more than anything else, and we reluctantly embark for South Carolina....

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