Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week in Review (September 12-18)

On Sunday (as previously mentioned), Christian and I started going to Sunday School so that we can finalize the process of becoming members of a new church.

On Tuesday we went to a Farmers Market in Crystal City.  We bought apples, apple cider and homemade bread.  We met up with Uncle Pete and then Uncle Pete invited us up to tour his office.  Bobby was pleasantly surprised to see his Uncle in the middle of the day, but I think he was wondering where Auntie Beth was...

It looks like Uncle Pete is a bit puzzled, too.
 After getting lost in Crystal City (thanks to a certain gentleman whose name is the same as a religion...ahem), we sat in horrible Old Town Alexandria traffic and after an hour we finally made it to Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob's for an AMAZING feast of Pork Tenderloin, Peanut Pasta, Squash Puffs, Wilted Spinach and to top it all off, incredible Nectarine Bread Pudding.  Not only did I finish my bowl in record time, but I didn't hesitate to look at my husband's half eaten dish and say "are you done with that?", which never happens.  Carol is the only cook whose meals I enjoy more than my own.  This visit was probably the last one we'll have with Carol for awhile.  She's going to become a Grandma for the third time on the 22.  Her youngest girl is having a girl.  It's been kinda cool giving her (unsolicited) advice.  Plus, I can't wait for the inevitable play dates these two cuties will have.  That little girl won't be able to help herself when she falls for my little prince, right?

Bobby's new nickname: "Chuck".

Going Back....Back...Back to School Again.

Christian and I went back to school 2 Sundays ago.  Back to Sunday school.  For Christian, this is a first.  For me, this is the first time back in Sunday school since 1995.  Ironically, I'm studying the same thing I was studying back then.  See, Christian and I decided that we are finally ready to become members of the church we've been exclusively visiting since 2006.  We got Bobby baptized at St. John's back in July, so now it's time for the whole family to become active members.  For the next (at this point) 6 weeks, Christian and I will be going to Sunday school and on November 14, we will become members during a ceremony during the late service.  I'm kinda excited...it feels weird because I always envisioned myself being a member of Bethany Lutheran forever.  My Grandparents were founding members, my Mom was confirmed there and married there.....I was baptized, confirmed and married there.  It's where my roots are.  It's home.  This is a BIG step for me, the traditionalist.

Things I've learned thus far during "Discipleship 101":

1.  My Hubby is rather opinionated when it comes to religion.
2.  I've forgotten a lot (read: most) of what I learned 15 years ago.
3.  I've broken more of the 10 commandments than I care to admit. (Thank goodness Lutherans believe in confession=forgiveness)
4.  I love dressing my son for church.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun!

Last Friday Bobby got to see his Aunt Cathy, which was a big surprise since we thought we wouldn't see her until December!  We were on a tight timeline, and almost didn't make it.  Thanks I-95 traffic!!

Cathy and Bobby are so photogenic together.  It kinda makes me a little sick to my stomach.  Here's their photo from when Bobby was 1 month old.

See what I mean?

Cathy is all of 5 foot, so we decided to to a size comparison of our little 4 month old against his vertically challenged Auntie.

Bobby also snuggled for a bit with Cathy's not-so-vertically challenged Sis, Bobby's Auntie Beth.

Daddy and Mommy decided that since we were already in Kingstowne, a dinner at Firehouse Subs sounded heavenly.  About 30 seconds after the subs were ready, someone else decided they were hungry too, and therefore our subs "for here", quickly turned into subs "to go" and while Bobby happily chowed down, Mommy and Daddy ate their subs in the car. 

Someday we'll get to eat hot food again.  That day was clearly not Friday.  Not that I'm complaining.  I know he'll only be this age once, and I'll be digging my nails into the ground trying to keep him this young and so fresh from God. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remembering those gone....

Bobby "met" 3 of his Great Grandparents on September 7!

We went to National Memorial Park in Falls Church on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, which also happened to mark the 4th year since Bobby's Great Grandma passed away. 

First we went to Christian's Grandfather's grave....

Then Mommy gave the boys some privacy for a "father-son" conversation.

Then we decided to feed the geese.  Mommy used to feed them when she was little.  I'm not sure it was on the developer's minds when plotting out the cemetery, but the ponds were an ingenious idea.  I know when I would accompany my Gram there to visit Gramps' grave, I always looked forward to our pond time, Gram armed with loaves of old bread to rip off and feed the swans, ducks and geese with.  It was really special to spend time with my own son in this way.

After feeding the geese we headed over to Mommy's Grandparents graves.

Our conversation went something like this....
"Bobby, these are your great-grandparents.  They would've loved you so much.  They DO love you; they're just looking down on you from Heaven.  I can't wait to tell you stories about them as you get older.  This time last year, I came here and I prayed for you.  I asked them to put in a good word for me with God.  Now, here you are, His perfect creation, my wonderful little boy."

Thanks, Gram and Gramps.  Surely you have an "in" with the Big Guy, cause my little guy is AMAZING.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend shenanigans!

Boy oh boy, did the Donahues have a B-U-S-Y weekend!

Mommy baked a cake, cause I was feeling domestic.
Too bad I didn't have the quick thinking to take a pic BEFORE we dug into it!

Saturday we went to church where Bobby babbled during the service.  When Pastor prayed for those traveling by land, air or sea, my little boy let out a big "aaaaiiii", which I can only guess means "amen" in Bobby speak.

After church, we went to JCPenney to buy sheets for our bed.  Deep pockets were a must, per Daddy.  I almost cried when my husband picked up a pair of pretty floral sheets and asked if they were alright.  After 6 years of marriage I was finally allowed girly sheets????  God must've heard my prayers in church that night.  "Dear God, it's me, Rach.  Since I'm sleeping with 2 boys, might I have girly sheets so I can at least "see" the estrogen in the room?  Amen."

We met up with Aunt Beth and Uncle Pete.  We had a lovely dinner at Panera and then we went to Cameron Run to the batting cages so that Daddy and Uncle Pete could let off some steam. 

Deciding that we weren't quite ready to go home, we headed up to TopGolf and played some putt-putt.  I walked around with Bobby most of the time, and I impressed everyone when, armed with my breastfeeding shawl, I walked and fed Bobby at the same time.  Yes, this Mommy can multi-task.

Sunday, we went to visit family.  There were more than a couple people who fell in love with my little prince charming.
Bobby with Christian's Grandmother (his "Great G-Ma")
All the Great Grandkids.  And that mischevious look in my son's eye?  Well, he just discovered that the little girl seated to his right had hair, ripe for the grabbing. 

Bobby with his Aunt Steph

And the highlight of this Mommy's day out?

Oh, Watermelon cream slushie, how you've been missed!

Monday, we got motivated and went to soak in "our" hot tub and splash in "our" pool one last time. 

"This water is stinkin' cold, Dad!"

When Daddy got home from work, he and his "BBQ buddy" grilled some fantastic steaks for din-din.

And, as this summer comes to a close, I'm more than a little melancholy.  I love the warm weather, the feeling of slipping my feet into a pair of flip flops, baring arms and shoulders in hopes that I'll get some affection from the sun.  Watching my little boy splash in the pool, wear sunglasses and watch his little wisps of hair fly in the wind.

I'm also excited.  I know that Fall brings lots of firsts, which I'll likely blog about, ad nauseum. 

Monday, September 6, 2010


Not a lot to write about re this blog.  This is more of a photo entry of some of Bobby's "firsts", mainly during the month of August.

My first time watching One Life to Live with Mommy.
My first nap in my Little Lamb swing.  Mommy calls this swing the "greatest invention of the millenium".
My first time on my new tummy time mat!
My first time holding my teddy.
First trip to the pool, just Mommy and me.
The first time the car seat "bit" me.  :(

Taking my very first prescription medicine, for baby reflux.
Falling asleep "on the job" at Home Depot.
My first (and last) time walking on the Dining Room table.
My first "plumber butt".
First time getting "carded".
My first experience with cloth diapers.  Not a fan.  Neither was Mom.
Wearing the sweater and bonnet my Nana knitted for me.
Daddy wished Nana had knitted him a matching one.  I was nice enough to let him borrow mine.
First time playing with the covers at bedtime. 
Mommy can't wait to see what I do next!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye-Bye August!

You've been terrific to us!  Bobby had a few milestones this month, like reaching out for his Mommy for the first time and blowing "raspberries" (incessantly).  Mommy, in her excitement to encourage this new development, has developed a sore on her inner lip from blowing about 100 raspberries every day for the past week.

Here's what's happened this month!

We've been to the pool a couple more times...

Bobby outgrew his last newborn outfit. 

Yes, Bobby.  Daddy DOES rock!

Bobby outgrew his first 3 month outfit!

Daddy and Son took their very first trip to Home Depot together.  Mommy dressed Bobby for the occasion.

Daddy, put the (nail) gun down....

We've known for awhile now that Bobby loves to grab Mommy's hair...

We learned in August that Bobby also loves tugging on Daddy's locks!

Bobby had his 4 month check-up.  Mommy and Daddy were most pleased when the doc told the interns who were "shadowing" him that Bobby was the PERFECT 4 month old, and that they should take note.  Bobby was also the happiest baby they said they had ever seen, and I really don't think they were placating me.  Then they left the room....and the nurse came back with a dropper filled with yucky fluid.  She was also carrying 4 very sharp needles.  Mommy didn't have the quick thinking to take a picture of the melee that ensued, but I guess I'd prefer to remember the visit to the doc's this way....