Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Sick....

So, last Wednesday Bobby developed a runny nose and a little cough. I decided it was just some minor teething...
I kept saying things to Christian last week like "I don't recognize this baby....he's so cranky".  Of course every time I mentioned this, he would be his usual happy self.

Finally Bobby showed Daddy his fussy self and we high-tailed it to the Doc's office.

Bobby was diagnosed with his first ear infection. :(

He seemed to be doing a little better Saturday...

But things took a turn for the worse on Sunday when Bobby got his first fever.  To make matters worse, Mommy is sick too.  So sick that I went to see my primary care physician for the first time since 2005, so you know it's gotta be bad.  Good news is that Bobby is a little less cranky, but he's still spiking a fever.  Off to the doc's tomorrow.....

Happy V-Day!

Quick post about Valentine's Day....
We went out for our Valentine's dinner the Thursday before Valentine's Day.  It was hardly romantic, even though we went to George Washington's estate for dinner.  There was a candlelit dining room and we had a quiet table next to a roaring fire.  There was one other thing we had at dinner.....

Grammy has been sick, which, in case you were wondering makes for a VERY cranky Bobby.  During this time, Bobby has learned how to do "limp baby" and throw temper tantrums. 
Christian was working a close shift Valentine's night, so I decided that I would do it up big at home and make a fondue dinner.  I made meat fondue, cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue. Oh my word, was it delish! 

I got some goodies from my boys.

I'm told Bobby gave me a yellow rose because I sing him "You Are My Sunshine".

Daddy recreated my wedding bouquet.  So romantic!

I also got chocolates. Christian, my mouth thanks you but my waistline does not.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

9 Months (not the Hugh Grant movie)

Love letter to my son....

Dearest Bobby,

On Wednesday January 26 you turned 9 months old.  Nine months.  The same amount of time you were in Mommy's tummy you've been out exploring the world.  I miss having you in my tummy sometimes.  You seem so big to me now.  It's like your Grammy said the other day, you're not a baby anymore, you're a toddler.  You toddle (whatever that means).  I look at pictures of you as a "baby baby" and I cry....hard.  It's partly because I miss the "newness" of you.  It's a little because I can see how far we've come.  Mainly it's because I haven't figured out a way to slow time down.  Despite my very best efforts I feel like I've missed stuff.  How have we gone from rocking you to sleep in a bassinet to putting a foam bumper around the coffee table in the family room?  It's only been a second since you were in newborn Pampers!  I love watching you develop your personality.  You are SO loving and happy.  I love your smile when you and I lock eyes first thing in the morning.  I love the way you grab my finger and hold on tightly as you're nursing.  I love that the only thing that calms you down when you're fussy is Mommy singing "You Are My Sunshine".  You are my miracle baby.  This world is a better place for having you in it.  I see the impact you're already having on the world little lamb.  Your Daddy looks at me differently now.  Not that he didn't look at me adoringly pre-you, but now there's so much more behind his loving gazes.  Your Grammy is happier than I've ever seen her.  And, even though Grammy and I both hung our heads when we found out I was having a boy, you have more than proven that boys can be just a fun and rewarding as girls.  You were just what I needed in my life.

I love you SO much, little lamb,


My perfect baby.

At least that's what the doc tells me I have.
"Baby perfectus, 9 months"

Bobby went for his 9 month well baby checkup.  Doc Sullivan had another intern shadowing him this go around.  Our boy is TALL.  Like, 95th percentile tall.  He's just shy of 30 inches tall and weighs in at 21 lbs.  They asked us a bunch of questions about his development and Bobby is right on track with his development.  Doc Sullivan kept commenting on how very happy Bobby was.  He had already told us at our last visit that Bobby was the happiest baby he'd ever seen, but he reaffirmed it at this visit.  He said in all his years of pediatric medicine (43 years!) he has never see such a happy child. (Way to make this Momma feel like a million bucks!)  We filled out a survey, and if I had been prepared, I would've taken a picture of this survey.  It had a lot of normal questions, but some pretty random ones too.  For instance:  "When you put a Cheerio in a plastic soda bottle, does your child try to fish it out?"  Really?  Who can honestly put a checkmark in the "Yes" column on that one?  Bobby was exempt from a few of the questions, since he's still exclusively breastfed.  I wanted to underline "NO" on the following question:  "Are you concerned that your child is not vocal enough?"  As the doc was leaving the room, he turned to the intern and said "that is the perfect 9 month old, take note". 

Also, we discovered at this appointment that Bobby has a new tooth, and 2 more on the way!

He didn't even flinch when the nurse came in to prick his toe for the anemia check.  BTW, Bobby's iron levels are A-ok.  Kinda hilarious considering I'm anemic, and I'm his only source of iron.  Maybe that's why I'm so tired...