Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Quick post about Valentine's Day....
We went out for our Valentine's dinner the Thursday before Valentine's Day.  It was hardly romantic, even though we went to George Washington's estate for dinner.  There was a candlelit dining room and we had a quiet table next to a roaring fire.  There was one other thing we had at dinner.....

Grammy has been sick, which, in case you were wondering makes for a VERY cranky Bobby.  During this time, Bobby has learned how to do "limp baby" and throw temper tantrums. 
Christian was working a close shift Valentine's night, so I decided that I would do it up big at home and make a fondue dinner.  I made meat fondue, cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue. Oh my word, was it delish! 

I got some goodies from my boys.

I'm told Bobby gave me a yellow rose because I sing him "You Are My Sunshine".

Daddy recreated my wedding bouquet.  So romantic!

I also got chocolates. Christian, my mouth thanks you but my waistline does not.

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