Sunday, January 16, 2011

Both ends of the spectrum...

The post is titled as such because we had a very quiet beginning of the week, hibernating, if you will.  The latter part of the week we were out & about.  Here's our week in review....

Sunday night when we were changing Bobby into jammies, we noticed this:
Needless to say, we were a tad concerned.  Of course, this kinda stuff ONLY happens when the pediatrician's office is closed.  It finally went away a week later.  We think it was rug burn since Bobby's been trying to get the hang of crawling.  That didn't stop me from freaking out, going on WebMD, and proclaiming to Christian that our son had either ringworm or Kawasaki disease.  Nope, I never jump to conclusions....

New discovery:  Bobby likes to put himself in "jail":

Also, try explaining to a 9 month old that, while I understand that you might be happier naked, it's frickin' January:

We'll revisit the issue in June..

On Tuesday Daddy got a little "label happy"....

Yes, the label says "Bobby".  Yes, I laughed out loud every time I looked at him.  No, I am not letting my Hubby within striking distance of the label maker...ever....again.

On Wednesday my boy paid me a compliment in the form of a onesie:

The shirt says "My Mom is a Fox".  Super cute!

Highlight of the week:  I made my Gram's hot cocoa (from scratch, not the packaged stuff).  The same one she used to make me every Thursday night after she got home from choir practice.  Did it taste as good as I remember?  You betcha.  I can't wait until Bobby's old enough to share this special tradition with me.

On Friday Bobby visited with his other grandmother and his cousin Savannah.  He and Savy got along famously.  It amazed me how patient she was with his incessant hair pulling. 
 It was also super sweet to see Christian interact with our niece.

Friday night we went to dinner with C's cousin Ben and his girlfriend.  We always seem to get a hankering for Red Lobster on Friday nights, along with the rest of America.  Kinda like I crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays, the ONE FREAKING DAY OF THE WEEK THEY'RE CLOSED!  (End rant).  We had a lovely time, and we took a couple pictures after arriving home.  This was the best one, if I do say so myself:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 2011!

So, the guests have come and gone (some didn't even show up at all), and I'm left with a home still decorated and the Christmas spirit is slowly fading away.  Sigh.  I hate this time of year most of all.  January and February are the worst months of the year.  It's cold.  There's nothing to look forward to, unless you, like my Hubby decide to commemorate random holidays from around the world.  He actually mentioned at dinner a few nights ago that January 10 is "Coming of Age Day" in Japan.  Remind me to mark that one down on the calendar (snicker).

Bobby is starting to pull himself to standing more frequently.  He gets really ticked when he loses his balance.  See below.

Last week was college football bowl week.  I'm actually in a pool, and I was doing well, until every team that was supposed to win decided not to.  Most disappointing game of the week?  That would be my beloved West Virginia Mountaineers.  Here's a picture before the massacre...I can tell it was taken pre-game because we're still smiling.

To quote Forrest Gump:  "That's all I have to say about that".
As I mentioned earlier, I was battling a cold all last week (& into this week, too).  I "rallied", and I was able to finish all the cooking and cleaning just in time for our company.  We thought we were only hosting 2 adults and one child, but in a matter of mere hours, the number of guests went from 3 to 7.  It was great to have the house really full for the New Year, plus I had fewer leftovers, which was a plus.  Bobby was the center of attention, and he really enjoyed spending time with his extended family, especially his Uncle Brian.  They're best friends.

Bobby also got to open his Christmas presents from Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian.  Aunt Beth helped him.

For the record, this little Scout is a part of our daily bedtime routine.  He loves it!
New Years Day was really lazy.  It was almost summery, with temperatures hitting the upper 50's.  I felt that it was appropriate to dress Bobby accordingly....

We didn't even eat dinner until 9 in the evening. 

Bobby's Grammy (and my Mommy's) birthday was on Monday.  Christian made a terrific dinner in her honor.  We gave her gift certificates to a nail salon and Bobby gave her gloves.  We also made a trip to Wal-Mart and I got some cookie tubs on clearance.  What I didn't realize at the time was that cookie tubs make amazing makeshift drums for infants to play with.  Bobby reached behind him in the cart and picked his instrument of choice. 

On Tuesday we went to Carol and Bob's for Mom's official birthday dinner.  Carol made her fried chicken.  It was yummy, as always.  I even managed to get a couple pictures with Carol and Bob holding Bobby, which is easier said than done.  It seems kinda crazy, but I only have 2 pictures of Carol with Bobby, and 2 pictures of Bob with Bobby.  It's crazy because next to the people Bobby lives with, he sees Carol and Bob the most.  I think he's seen them about 50 or so times since his birth.   It's only right that I start getting more pictures of them together, so that his baby book can accurately depict who he spent his time with.  He just adores them, and he thinks Aunt Carol is HILARIOUS. 

In closing, here's one more picture of Bobby with his new favorite toy....

Happy weekend, everyone!

Top 10 of 2010.

So, a couple of my blogging Mommies did it, so I have also been inspired to create a blog of the best Bobby pictures of 2010.  I am having the same dilemma they had.  See, I have been blessed with a truly photogenic child, and after much consideration, I believe I have found the best of the best. I kinda wish I could do the "2011 of 2011"; then I wouldn't have had such a difficult time.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos, and our family wishes you and yours a prosperous and happy New Year!

#10: Bobby and Mommy's very first picture together, April 26, 2010.

9. Very first photo shoot, June (2 months).

8. One cool cat; July (three months).

7. Out seasoned traveler, May (one month).

6. Mommy's little shopper, August (4 months).

5. Bobby's first smile (for the camera); June (2 months).

4. Trying on Nana's handmade outfit, August (4 months).

3. "Charlie Brown", September (5 months).

2:  Little Lamb (Halloween, 6 months)

Drumroll, please....

#1:  Santa Baby. (Taken in October @ 6 months).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh, There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays.....aka "The Christmas Post".

It's just not the holiday season until I threaten to call the whole thing off.....

So....I finished the catering gig and it was a success for the 5th year running (even with me changing up the entire menu).  Yes, I made every single cookie, brownie and dessert for the party, serving around 500 people.  Yes, I am available for YOUR catering needs (provided you're in the Northern Virginia area, of course), and I'm not limited to desserts.  I make some pretty awesome appetizers, or so I'm told.

Santa was even at the party! For the record, he slept through the majority of the party, and when people commented on how Santa was so sleepy, I explained that it was crunch time in his workshop. 

Apparently Virginia is downright tropical compared to the North Pole...hence no boots on Santa's little piggies.
 Also, Grandma Pat came all the way from West Virginia to visit with Kris Kringle!

The first thing we did with the money Mommy made from the catering gig was go buy our rapidly growing baby a "big boy" car seat.

We finished our Christmas shopping 2 days before the big day.  To escape reality for a moment, I convinced my Hubby to try out this hurricane simulator at the mall.  It was a total letdown from what I'm told, but the look on his face when he saw that I was snapping a photo was priceless...

We had a bit of a snowstorm the week before Christmas.  That didn't deter us from getting Bobby's first official picture with Santa Claus (the life sized version, not our mini-me).

The night before Christmas Eve, we got together with the Mingee ladies (and Keira) for our annual holiday get-together.  We ended up at Silver Diner and had a lovely time.  Someone was a little tuckered out though...

It's past my bedtime....

He did, however, manage to get a second wind long enough to play with Aunt Cathy for a bit....

After a brief (and I do mean brief) moment of "rest", it was Christmas Eve.  Most people look forward to Christmas Day, but I've always been a X-mas Eve gal myself.  Church, stuffing stockings, lovingly placing wrapped presents beneath the tree, and usually watching "It's a Wonderful Life" while sipping eggnog.  It's when the crescendo is building....

This year Carol was kind enough to give me a much needed break from MY holiday madness by inviting us over to her home for Christmas Eve dinner.  Oh my, it was an epic breakfast feast!  Usually I make Lasagna for Christmas Eve (one of C.W.'s holiday traditions growing up), but after this year I think we're doin' B-fast for Dinner.  We also got to spend some time with the lovely Apricena clan, and Bobby flirted with his lady friend...

" you come here often?"

  We were the greeters at Church, which was pretty exciting for us.  We're really trying to dive headfirst into our fellowship.

I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone.  I was up till 4 on Christmas morning.  Doing chores and watching "Meet Me in St. Louis" (mostly watching the movie).  I fell asleep at 3:45 in the recliner in the basement.  I was awakened by my little lamb at 8.  His Daddy was giddier than he was, exclaiming "It's snowing, it's snowing"!  I've not experienced a "white Christmas" since I was around 11 years old, so it was kinda neat that on Bobby's first Christmas, Mother Nature gifted him the stuff of storybooks.

We spent the next couple of hours opening presents.  Bobby made out like a bandit.  Mommy, Daddy and Grammy are suckers for that little face.  The good news is that he was more interested in his presents than what they were wrapped in.  Now I feel justified.

We had quite a spread for dinner: Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Carrot Raisin Salad, Green Bean Casserole and Creamy Herbed Vegetables.  Christian's Grandmother joined us for dinner and we were glad to have her.  She got a real kick out of watching her Great Grandson zoom around the house in his walker.  She also spoiled Bobby rotten.  I think she got him 3 outfits, a DVD or 2, 3 stuffed animals and I lost track of how many board books he got.  Suffice it to say we will NEVER run out of reading material....ever.

So far Bobby's favorite toys seem to be his Scout toy and his little driving machine.  He's clocked hours upon hours of playtime the last couple of days.  It's been nice to see him so entertained.

Now we're gearing up for New Year's festivities around here.  Company's coming 2 days in a row.  I go crazy trying to get everything cleaned, cooked and ready, but once our home turns into party central, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I'm also doing all this whilst battling a massive head cold.  More later.  I've got to spend time with my 8 month old.  8 months.  I can't really believe it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lots To Be Thankful For....

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For....

10.  Homeopathic Teething Drops.

9.    One Life To Live's theme song.  It instantly calms Bobby when he's fussy, and I've started keeping one episode on the DVR just so I have it in case of a temper tantrum.

8.  Our new Church "home".  I think we're gonna like it here.....

7.  A photogenic child.

6.  Dr. Santiago.  For multiple reasons.  Like, deciding I was going to have a c-section.  Because, honestly, anyone who knows me knows there was NO WAY I was pushing a 9.5 lb. baby who was "blessed" with his Daddy's head circumference outta me.  Also, when writing my order for my latest blood draw, she specifically stated to only draw blood once.  I heart her, and I feel SO much better about trying for baby number two knowing she's in charge.

5.  The lactation consultant, Leasa.  Thanks to her I am still exclusively nursing my sweet boy.

4.  Friends who love us like family.  Specifically Bobby's "Aunt" Carol and "Uncle" Bob.

3.  My Momma, aka Bobby's Grammy.

2.  My Hubby aka the greatest man I've ever known, who is perfect for me in every way, even though we are complete opposites.

And finally...

#1.  Duh.  Like you didn't know who was at the top of my list!

I'm glad the feeling is mutual!