Sunday, January 16, 2011

Both ends of the spectrum...

The post is titled as such because we had a very quiet beginning of the week, hibernating, if you will.  The latter part of the week we were out & about.  Here's our week in review....

Sunday night when we were changing Bobby into jammies, we noticed this:
Needless to say, we were a tad concerned.  Of course, this kinda stuff ONLY happens when the pediatrician's office is closed.  It finally went away a week later.  We think it was rug burn since Bobby's been trying to get the hang of crawling.  That didn't stop me from freaking out, going on WebMD, and proclaiming to Christian that our son had either ringworm or Kawasaki disease.  Nope, I never jump to conclusions....

New discovery:  Bobby likes to put himself in "jail":

Also, try explaining to a 9 month old that, while I understand that you might be happier naked, it's frickin' January:

We'll revisit the issue in June..

On Tuesday Daddy got a little "label happy"....

Yes, the label says "Bobby".  Yes, I laughed out loud every time I looked at him.  No, I am not letting my Hubby within striking distance of the label maker...ever....again.

On Wednesday my boy paid me a compliment in the form of a onesie:

The shirt says "My Mom is a Fox".  Super cute!

Highlight of the week:  I made my Gram's hot cocoa (from scratch, not the packaged stuff).  The same one she used to make me every Thursday night after she got home from choir practice.  Did it taste as good as I remember?  You betcha.  I can't wait until Bobby's old enough to share this special tradition with me.

On Friday Bobby visited with his other grandmother and his cousin Savannah.  He and Savy got along famously.  It amazed me how patient she was with his incessant hair pulling. 
 It was also super sweet to see Christian interact with our niece.

Friday night we went to dinner with C's cousin Ben and his girlfriend.  We always seem to get a hankering for Red Lobster on Friday nights, along with the rest of America.  Kinda like I crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays, the ONE FREAKING DAY OF THE WEEK THEY'RE CLOSED!  (End rant).  We had a lovely time, and we took a couple pictures after arriving home.  This was the best one, if I do say so myself:

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