Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remembering those gone....

Bobby "met" 3 of his Great Grandparents on September 7!

We went to National Memorial Park in Falls Church on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, which also happened to mark the 4th year since Bobby's Great Grandma passed away. 

First we went to Christian's Grandfather's grave....

Then Mommy gave the boys some privacy for a "father-son" conversation.

Then we decided to feed the geese.  Mommy used to feed them when she was little.  I'm not sure it was on the developer's minds when plotting out the cemetery, but the ponds were an ingenious idea.  I know when I would accompany my Gram there to visit Gramps' grave, I always looked forward to our pond time, Gram armed with loaves of old bread to rip off and feed the swans, ducks and geese with.  It was really special to spend time with my own son in this way.

After feeding the geese we headed over to Mommy's Grandparents graves.

Our conversation went something like this....
"Bobby, these are your great-grandparents.  They would've loved you so much.  They DO love you; they're just looking down on you from Heaven.  I can't wait to tell you stories about them as you get older.  This time last year, I came here and I prayed for you.  I asked them to put in a good word for me with God.  Now, here you are, His perfect creation, my wonderful little boy."

Thanks, Gram and Gramps.  Surely you have an "in" with the Big Guy, cause my little guy is AMAZING.

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