Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye-Bye August!

You've been terrific to us!  Bobby had a few milestones this month, like reaching out for his Mommy for the first time and blowing "raspberries" (incessantly).  Mommy, in her excitement to encourage this new development, has developed a sore on her inner lip from blowing about 100 raspberries every day for the past week.

Here's what's happened this month!

We've been to the pool a couple more times...

Bobby outgrew his last newborn outfit. 

Yes, Bobby.  Daddy DOES rock!

Bobby outgrew his first 3 month outfit!

Daddy and Son took their very first trip to Home Depot together.  Mommy dressed Bobby for the occasion.

Daddy, put the (nail) gun down....

We've known for awhile now that Bobby loves to grab Mommy's hair...

We learned in August that Bobby also loves tugging on Daddy's locks!

Bobby had his 4 month check-up.  Mommy and Daddy were most pleased when the doc told the interns who were "shadowing" him that Bobby was the PERFECT 4 month old, and that they should take note.  Bobby was also the happiest baby they said they had ever seen, and I really don't think they were placating me.  Then they left the room....and the nurse came back with a dropper filled with yucky fluid.  She was also carrying 4 very sharp needles.  Mommy didn't have the quick thinking to take a picture of the melee that ensued, but I guess I'd prefer to remember the visit to the doc's this way....

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