Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend shenanigans!

Boy oh boy, did the Donahues have a B-U-S-Y weekend!

Mommy baked a cake, cause I was feeling domestic.
Too bad I didn't have the quick thinking to take a pic BEFORE we dug into it!

Saturday we went to church where Bobby babbled during the service.  When Pastor prayed for those traveling by land, air or sea, my little boy let out a big "aaaaiiii", which I can only guess means "amen" in Bobby speak.

After church, we went to JCPenney to buy sheets for our bed.  Deep pockets were a must, per Daddy.  I almost cried when my husband picked up a pair of pretty floral sheets and asked if they were alright.  After 6 years of marriage I was finally allowed girly sheets????  God must've heard my prayers in church that night.  "Dear God, it's me, Rach.  Since I'm sleeping with 2 boys, might I have girly sheets so I can at least "see" the estrogen in the room?  Amen."

We met up with Aunt Beth and Uncle Pete.  We had a lovely dinner at Panera and then we went to Cameron Run to the batting cages so that Daddy and Uncle Pete could let off some steam. 

Deciding that we weren't quite ready to go home, we headed up to TopGolf and played some putt-putt.  I walked around with Bobby most of the time, and I impressed everyone when, armed with my breastfeeding shawl, I walked and fed Bobby at the same time.  Yes, this Mommy can multi-task.

Sunday, we went to visit family.  There were more than a couple people who fell in love with my little prince charming.
Bobby with Christian's Grandmother (his "Great G-Ma")
All the Great Grandkids.  And that mischevious look in my son's eye?  Well, he just discovered that the little girl seated to his right had hair, ripe for the grabbing. 

Bobby with his Aunt Steph

And the highlight of this Mommy's day out?

Oh, Watermelon cream slushie, how you've been missed!

Monday, we got motivated and went to soak in "our" hot tub and splash in "our" pool one last time. 

"This water is stinkin' cold, Dad!"

When Daddy got home from work, he and his "BBQ buddy" grilled some fantastic steaks for din-din.

And, as this summer comes to a close, I'm more than a little melancholy.  I love the warm weather, the feeling of slipping my feet into a pair of flip flops, baring arms and shoulders in hopes that I'll get some affection from the sun.  Watching my little boy splash in the pool, wear sunglasses and watch his little wisps of hair fly in the wind.

I'm also excited.  I know that Fall brings lots of firsts, which I'll likely blog about, ad nauseum. 

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