Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Back....Back...Back to School Again.

Christian and I went back to school 2 Sundays ago.  Back to Sunday school.  For Christian, this is a first.  For me, this is the first time back in Sunday school since 1995.  Ironically, I'm studying the same thing I was studying back then.  See, Christian and I decided that we are finally ready to become members of the church we've been exclusively visiting since 2006.  We got Bobby baptized at St. John's back in July, so now it's time for the whole family to become active members.  For the next (at this point) 6 weeks, Christian and I will be going to Sunday school and on November 14, we will become members during a ceremony during the late service.  I'm kinda excited...it feels weird because I always envisioned myself being a member of Bethany Lutheran forever.  My Grandparents were founding members, my Mom was confirmed there and married there.....I was baptized, confirmed and married there.  It's where my roots are.  It's home.  This is a BIG step for me, the traditionalist.

Things I've learned thus far during "Discipleship 101":

1.  My Hubby is rather opinionated when it comes to religion.
2.  I've forgotten a lot (read: most) of what I learned 15 years ago.
3.  I've broken more of the 10 commandments than I care to admit. (Thank goodness Lutherans believe in confession=forgiveness)
4.  I love dressing my son for church.

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