Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun!

Last Friday Bobby got to see his Aunt Cathy, which was a big surprise since we thought we wouldn't see her until December!  We were on a tight timeline, and almost didn't make it.  Thanks I-95 traffic!!

Cathy and Bobby are so photogenic together.  It kinda makes me a little sick to my stomach.  Here's their photo from when Bobby was 1 month old.

See what I mean?

Cathy is all of 5 foot, so we decided to to a size comparison of our little 4 month old against his vertically challenged Auntie.

Bobby also snuggled for a bit with Cathy's not-so-vertically challenged Sis, Bobby's Auntie Beth.

Daddy and Mommy decided that since we were already in Kingstowne, a dinner at Firehouse Subs sounded heavenly.  About 30 seconds after the subs were ready, someone else decided they were hungry too, and therefore our subs "for here", quickly turned into subs "to go" and while Bobby happily chowed down, Mommy and Daddy ate their subs in the car. 

Someday we'll get to eat hot food again.  That day was clearly not Friday.  Not that I'm complaining.  I know he'll only be this age once, and I'll be digging my nails into the ground trying to keep him this young and so fresh from God. 

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