Friday, October 8, 2010


The highly anticipated vacation week with Bobby's and my favorite guy was this past week!

First up on our to-do list was a trip to the Fall craft fair in Occoquan.  We were accompanied by Beth and Pete, who absolutely melt me the way they dote on my little boy.  We bought lots of dip mixes, which is par for the course.  This time I actually came home with something non-food related:

Also on Sunday:  Bobby turned 5 months old!

We spent the incredibly rainy first 2 days of the week cleaning out the attic for our annual yard sale.  Now that we have a little one, I'm finding that the stuff that once seemed SO important really isn't anymore. 

Tuesday we spent an absolute eternity in traffic on our way to Children's Hospital's satellite office in Fairfax.  Maybe I'm overly paranoid (this is my first baby), but Bobby was making "gasping" noises while he slept.  When I mentioned this to a nurse practitioner back in July, she noted some shallow breathing and told us we'd all sleep better if we just had him checked out.  We really liked the doc who examined Bobby, and she told us that all of his problems go back to his reflux.  He'd be fine, and she "upped" his dose of baby Zantac. 
And I just LOVE when people, especially medical professionals tell me that my baby is one, if not THE happiest baby they've seen.  Love it!

Bobby slept the entire way back to Woodbridge after his appointment, clutching his frog toy bar the entire time.  You have to look closely to see his little fist.

Thursday we all went over to Carol and Bob's for chinese food.  It was delish!  We got to hear all the details of her granddaughter's arrival and we got to see pictures, too.  She's a real cutie.

Saturday we held our yard sale.  Success?  Not so much.  The local "Sally" as my Dad calls it, got a ton of stuff that afternoon.  I did, however, keep some "too good to toss" stuff to auction off on eBay.

"Buy our crap.  Please?"

Later that evening we went to the pumpkin patch by our house...Bobby's first trip!  I found the perfect spot to take a picture of this momentus occasion, but the Hubby left the camera at home.  I didn't let him live it down....until we got home and I pulled the "forgotten" camera out of my pocket.  Oops.

Sunday we went to Sunday school and that concluded our week of not having to share our guy.  Bobby actually seemed really depressed that his Daddy had left.  I think he got used to having him around all the time.  The downside of this week was that Bobby spent the entire week teething.

'Round here, we're already counting down till Daddy's next vacay.  We're hoping to spend a week at the beach in February.  I can almost smell the sea and taste the salty air.  Carolina on my mind....

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