Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey Waterboy.....

On Tuesday, July 20 we took Bobby to the pool for the first time.  Technically, he had been to the pool before, just never in the water before.  Daddy and I were pretty nervous about how he would react to being dunked in cold water.  We came to the pool armed with the dreaded pacifier, just in case there was a tantrum of epic proportions....

Which there was.

Thankfully, that only lasted a minute or so.  Daddy handed the cranky pants off to his Mommy, and things calmed down quite a bit.

Things calmed down so much that he fell asleep.

That's when Daddy decided Bobby needed to experience the "big boy" pool. 

What a cool cat.  And he LOVES the pool now.  He's been 2 more times since. (3 actually, but he slept through one of his visits. He felt robbed when he woke up, at home, to me stripping off his swim trunks.)

Mommy's Little Fish.

"And I'm spent..."

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