Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bobby's Christening on 7-11 (Oh, Thank Heaven!)

What a beautiful day it was!  I had spent the days leading up to the "big day" cleaning house whenever Bobby was gracious enough to give me a break from holding him.  On top of that, I had decided that I should "cater" the afterparty, which, for those of you who remember what it's like to have a 2 month old, was not my most brilliant idea.  I was pulling 20 hour days between being a Mom, wife, daughter, cook and maid.  Then Friday night the worst possible scenario unfolded.  I'm sitting at home, feeding Bobby, and I realize that my throat is kinda sore.  Wait.....it's REALLY sore.  So, a cold on top of everything else I had going on was not at all what I needed.  I started rummaging through the medicine chest, first aid kits, purses, dresser drawers looking for any medication I could get my hands on, and thankfully, due to my quick self-medicating, I was able to nip the cold in the bud in time for Sunday's events.

We made it to the church on time (cue My Fair Lady), and had a dress rehearsal before the service started.  Bobby had quite a turnout of family and friends to witness his big event.  His G-Ma and PawPaw were there, along with his Great-Grandma on his Daddy's side of the family.  Representing Mommy's side of the family were Aunt Jan, Uncle Tom, Grammy (Bobby's, not mine), Colin and Owen (our cousins) and Bobby's Godparents (and cousins), Laurie and Duane.  "Aunt" Carol and "Uncle" Bob were also with us.  The Pastor gave a great sermon, and even mentioned Bobby by name, which was pretty special.  Bobby was such a good boy, and he wasn't at all upset when he was baptized.  Mommy and Grammy were boo-hoo crying during the ceremony, because we're sappy. 

Bobby with his Mommy, Daddy, PawPaw and G-Ma.

Bobby and Mommy.

Bobby with his Godmother (ignore my son's inappropriate placing of his hand...which of course you'll notice now that I've mentioned it. Oops.). 

I made everything for the party, except the cake.  It was quite a spread...it included Meatballs, Baked Brie, Sausage dip, Curried Deviled Eggs, Ham & Pineapple Roll-Ups, Melon balls, Cookies (which were made by Carol, actually), Dip for veggies and Apricot Wraps with a plum dipping sauce. 

We were quite pleased with the cake.  One downside however....I realized I can't eat cake that has my son's face on it.  Therefore, the entire left side of the cake containing Bobby's picture is sitting in our deep freezer, probably until we either move or the freezer dies. 

Here are a couple other pictures from Bobby's special day....

Bobby with his Great-Aunt Jan

Bobby with his Godfather, Duane

Bobby with his cousins, Colin and Owen.  Owen (the youngest) melted everyone in the room when he looked at Bobby and said "I love you, Bobby".  I can't wait to see their relationship as they both grow up.  Owen (and Colin) are great cousins.  My little boy is quite lucky.

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