Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18th...sad day.

While my intent was to keep the posts on the blog strictly about Bobby, I feel that I have to mention one of my four legged children today.  Today would've been Lady's 17th birthday.  Last year, we celebrated in grand style with a party which included an edible doggie cake (complete with candle).  This year's celebration consisted of Mommy and Daddy patting her clock (it's a mantle clock where her ashes are interred), wishing her a happy b-day in doggie heaven and trading a book at Bobby's story time with stories of Lady.  Somedays it seems like she's been gone forever and a day, and other days it seems like we just said goodbye. 

Here are a few pictures from her past birthday celebrations....

These are from 2008 (Her 15th birthday)

And these are from her last birthday in 2009...

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