Monday, December 13, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

We had a quiet Thanksgiving.  Just me, the Hubby, the Bobbers and the Grammy.

I think I overcooked a little.  Like I thought I was going to have unexpected visitors at my front door that day.  Ha! On the menu:  Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, Calico Squash Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, Homemade Cranberry Chutney, Cranberry Sauce and Candied Corn.

Thanksgiving is cool and all that jazz, but the real holiday in this house is the day after.  That's right folks, I'm talkin' about Black Friday. We were out the door with baby in tow at 3:40.  This year, we decided to give most everyone pictures for Christmas, so we didn't really have many "missions" this time around.  Unless you count getting huge value boxes of diapers at 5 AM from Babies R Us.  $10 per box, people.  That's a bargain!

Last Sunday, Samantha got baptized.  It was kinda nice visiting my old church, especially with Bobby.  Not that he cared, but I told him about all the special events that happened in that sanctuary.  We had fun at the get-together afterwards, even if Bobby slept through the whole thing.  Plus side?  I got snuggle time with the little lady.

And oh, yeah.....I FINALLY started my baking.... last Friday.  This was due to multiple reasons.  First reason:  the heating element broke in the lower oven and we had to wait for the part to come in.  Second:  Hubby's day off was today and I wanted someone to be able to give the little angel the attention he so rightly deserves.  Third reason:  I'm just not "feeling" it this year.  I dunno, I got into such a rhythm doing the same six desserts year after year, and now trying new stuff, I'm kinda petrified it'll fail.  Which it did this afternoon when I tried to make the stained glass cookies.  I had visions of people eating the cookies and sending me the dentist bill later.  After the first batch I nixed them and picked a suitable replacement.  But more on the catering gig later.

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